Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sto. Nino Sinulog 2012

I attended the celebration of Sto. Nino feast last sunday January 15, 2012. The mass was held in Bernadette church ( my first time attended mass in this church ). We arrived ( with my friends who invited me ) earlier and as their preparing the table for Sto. Nino's, i get the chance to take some photos before the mass starts :)
Sto. nino's arrives little by little as the people comes as well for the mass
before and after the mass there was a special dance number from Visamin ( a filipino association ) a part of celebrating Sto.nino feast :)
i lit a candle for a special intention
full of Sto. nino's now on the table ( blurred photo sorry )
I danced with my little Sto.nino and i also get a chance to have a quick photo seance with mananayaws ( they're my friends ) in a last minute. This was actually in the end. Sorry again for this photo looks so cloudy it was an "insenso" effect i guess :) Next destination... lafangan time at Champs-Elysées :)

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