Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sto. Nino fiesta reception

The dinner after Sto. Nino feast was set in Elysées bonheur restaurant ( asian restaurant ) at Champs-Elysées. I am not one of the member of the association, i am only a guest. I came alone ( no hubby and child ) to participate in this event and of course since the majority of my friends were here, ( some of them are members of the said association ) i have to support them hahaha joke! It was actually a big pleasure attending this kind of event and how i wish i could attend a real " Sinulog" in Cebu or maybe in Aklan ( Ati-atihan next time ( i just only seen on tv ) this event is actually special. Really special! so nice watching the street dance na talagang long time ang preparation. Now, let's go to lafangan :)
we occupied the whole restaurant. we sat on the second floor i have got a nice spot. Lucky!
another dance number from the dancers before eating time
please excuse me, but i am trying to imagine myself one day to be a dancer maybe tahitian?
Dang! im out! the tahitian or hawaian dancers needs to have waist kaso i have no more waist hahaha Hunggrryyy... the food was served around 9pm let's start with the appetizer :)
spring rolls, fried shrimps and dumplings
truly i enjoyed everything ... yum!
the usual beef-brocolli dish
hipong matamis ( good i have no allergy on this hahaha )
sweet and sour fish love the pineapple bits :)
Dance, dance, dance! party time! before ending they gave ( distributed ) some sweets like " food for the god " ang sarap! i can't remember kung sino ang gumawa. Me pasalubong pako ke Bibingclara. She liked it at humihirit pa kaso wala na hehehe
there were 4 round cakes ( vanilla and choco chiffon cake ) the cakes were also dedicated for everybody's who got celebrated their birthdays on december and january. I am IN! i am decemberian hehehe
very happy we're jokingly kung kame lahat kakain ng cakes ( the beautiful cake serbidora )
i ate my part hahaha birthday cake daw eh 
It was a beautiful evening! i had fun, fun, fun! from food to the company of my "kalog" friends. Viva Sto. Nino :) Next post, Sto. Nino at Ate yolly's residence.

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