Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baking session

Some activities that Bibingclara does at home during 2 weeks christmas holiday. She likes playing playdoh using her plastic rolling pin :)
yeah seems like she'll bake. She loves modelling her clay using our cookie cutter
and here are her finish christmas motif product 
In the kitchen, here are some photos of her practice session of course, with the help of her lovingly mother;    THAT's ME :)
i left her some dough when i make salted tart, then she do her own home-made biscuits
result? she was so contented! overwhelmed kinain lahat di ako nakatikim :(
we also did ginger bread cookies. She always insisting the mixing part to do it on her own
on icing part she made sure not to put any mess kundi "lagot sa mama" hehehe she know and understand that word very well :)
cracking eggs for another baking session of chocolate fondant
once again in the kitchen creating chocolates
Sweet treats anyone?

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