Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last minute bonding with friends

Our first time! Bibingclara and i spent overnight to a friend's place. The place is in the suburb and the travel from RER was long. It has been ages since my friend wanting me to come to her appartement and now it has been granted. We get the chance to make chika to the fullest while the chikitings were so busy playing. The next morning, we woke up late ( i didn't sleep well because of my cough ) and here's what waiting in the kitchen :)
buttered croissants, chocolate croissants and pain aux raisins
taking a bite of pain au chocolat and a sip of hot chocolate before play time :)
Bibingclara's drawing :) i like it it's like little boats navigating so colorful
my unica hija get so busy making her drawings she has multiple :)
playing doll's house with her new playmate Alyssa ( my friend's daughter )
actually we spent the whole day of 24th dec. there busy-busy day
playtime down the building again with Alyssa  ( so cold grrr... )
We did not stay for Noche buena because we had to leave for Mama goody's place. Since afternoon, my friend started preparing all her ingredients for Pancit so i get the chance to take some photos :)
Pancit à la Emily that i haven't tasted grrr... next time, next time hehehe :)
though i tasted her vietnamese spring rolls woooo i must get her recipe! super sarap!
cooking pansit on the go
i participated naman until last minute with matching naka-pyjama pa :) i made the leche flan na hindi ko rin natikman waaaaaaa
busy girls cooking non-stop ito till night caught in the act!
the kitchen girls
my friend emily, moi and jeremy
They're also filipina like me! ( ehem ) we had a great time with them. Next bonding ulet mga sister! hop! after that, we left them around 8h30pm and we headed mama goody's place for Noche Buena. Next post, Noche Buena at Mama Goody's :)

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