Saturday, December 31, 2011

Betty Boop Figurine No. 50 and 51

My last two figurines of the month of december after the Pirata girl. Here are the Betty Angel, and Betty Geisha :)
Betty Boop Figurine No. 50 ( Angel )
closer look Angel na angel at kamukha ko talaga :)
Betty Boop Figurine No. 51 ( Geisha )
closer look hmm... seductive girl
Inside there's a little note informing na there would be a delay on the next figurine. I must wait the next one on January 25 and that would be Betty Boop Figurine No. 52 ( Belly dancer ) lol i must do belly dancing like betty oh yeah, there's more to come like Betty indian and Betty shopping girl! yesssss!!! can't wait :)

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