Thursday, November 3, 2011

School activity files

Back to school today! Bibingclara goes to school with her two school activity files. 1- is a compilation of all her paper works like drawings, paints and sticking works 2- is a book of life ( in school ) where there's plenty of photos showing all the activities they do during school days. The book of life has been returning to the students every school vacation so that the students can also relate their activities at home during no school days :)
there's also a little notebook! it serves as correspondance between teacher-parents we can note inside when there's something to be signal about.
file 1 - file 2
Im sure Bibingclara will relate everything that we posted from her book of life. She really likes to talk! she'll probably relating our halloween party, her paintings, her baking session and the guignol spectacle and yeah there's one more, our visit in Cité des sciences. Will post it next time :)

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