Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Attractive plants

I have to learn taking care of plants! yes, i admit i am not into plants at all, but sometimes i can appreciate their beauty in any way or form. One afternoon, while walking in a small street in Brittany i found a strange plant that really attracts me. Can't help but took some photo. It was actually a type of plants climbing on the wall. I love its color! i would love touching it but because i do not know this plant much, i didn't do it.
i call it the red climber hehehe ( i have to search and ask mr google for its name  )
It is also nice to have interior plants at home but the problem i always forget to water them ( namamatay sila in the end ) before somebody offer me orchides ( namatay din ). Remember, the plants need care and attention hehehe ( kulang sila ng pansin sa akin )
i like this one somebody offered this to me lovely red !
and this one offered to me by léo's mother pretty pink! ( sorting out little purple bud )
my two attractive plants in the same family
By the help of mr google, i find a website about Bromelia . Well, it shows that i am not really good my Vraisea is close to death ( it becomes yellow now ) I don't think i can survive it! If ever i will have another bromelia i wish i could have the pineapple type and i promise i will give it a proper care :)

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