Friday, September 16, 2011

River festival

Another festival we assisted when we were in Etel, it's Fête de la rivière/River festival. It was monday afternoon when we went there. It is also the day of Claudebiko's departure to join his friends to go on a boat. I can say that it's the start of mommy-daughter bonding days because Claudebiko's off to navigate quite far from us. First bonding day - FOOD! :)
we watched first the traditional breton dance same place where they held the tuna feast
                                        my girl while watching the dance so contented!
                                     some activity for childrens -fishing- for only 1 euro
she got one! a gift wrapped on a newspaper - yipee! it was a big fish! -light pen-
                                          eating time - crêpes to go
i've got a glass of cider myself with chocolate filled crêpe-and crêpe filled with caramel for Bibingclara
                                     caught in the act! -she finished everything yum!
Not that's all! our crêpe adventure continues and will do it in a different post so watch it out boom! :)

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