Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fiesta in Paris 2011

I woke up early today, i prepared pork bbq ( na medyo nasunog ) that i marinated since yesterday night and i also made vegetable muffin ( recipe next time ) from scratch. I brought them today to our mini picnic with couple of friends. Today is also a celebration of independence day fiesta sa paris so we also meet some friends in the stadium ( just on the other side where we are having our picnic ) :)
                                              pork bbq and vegetable muffins ready to go....
 i have not had enough time to my unica hija this morning because i was so really busy preparing. She was really got excited because she know that she'll see all of her tita's ( majority of my filipina friends )
we went and eat to the park first where we met some new friends. One made quiche,...
                                                and one made special rice ( riz cantonais )
After we had finished, we went to the stadium to see what's happening. There was a lot of people, lots of stall, you can see food everywhere. I have not had the chance to see the program because it was quite difficult with Bibingclara. All she wanted is to run and play with her ate axel :)
                                                                  pista sa paris 2011
                                                           waving little philippine flag
                                                 a photo of my friends na mananayaw :)
I haven't had the chance also to buy itlog na maalat like last year's independence celebration ( di ako nakaikot ). What i only purchased inside the stadium was a box of 5 pieces sweet mangoes ( we included some to our halo-halo ) imagine me dala pa talaga silang pangkaskas ng ice at napakalaking yelo. Foods are everywhere at me naglalako pa ng kutchinta hehehe :)
                                    enjoying halo-halo with fresh melon and bits of mango
Hay, naku maruhya! pano ka ba papayat nyan! excuse me typical filipino mahilig kumain bow! :)

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