Saturday, June 4, 2011

Capsule and chocolate

Nespresso capsules are quite pricey. And if you have nespresso machine you must have coffee capsule. Once we tried other brand but we realized that we must stick only to nespresso capsule :)
                                                       capsules from casino ( one has defect )
No more buying other brand even if they're saying that their capsule is compatible with nespresso machine. Fell in love with different colors of nespresso capsules, we regularly buy hundreds of capsules from nespresso and it only last for a month and a half :)
                                                         different flavors and aroma hmmm...
                                               parang "candy" at sino ang hindi mahuhumaling?
Ang ini-offer as a mother's day treat nung linggo bumili si Claudebiko ng sangkatutak na nespresso capsule ( nagtaas sila ng price effective 1st of june ) at para makumpleto ang pagka-kape abay sinamahan ng tsokolate.
                                                      bagong limited edition capsule "onirio"
                       ( bagay sa chocolate squares na filled with caramel with salted butter )
ang libreng offer ng nespresso, almond squares - calisson
( for all nespresso club member )
At me bonus pa dahil he also got a box of almond squares as offering from the boutique. Ano pa ang hahanapin? cafe+chocolate+calisson abay triple C - ika nga ni George Clooney sa kanyang nespresso commercial WHAT ELSE? :)

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