Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unlimited massage

The massage table that i am wishing to have was granted yeah! that means the famille bordage can have massage session anytime. I have seen it in the catalogue selling for only 99 euros. I told to Claudebiko then we bought it right away on the spot. The last time i had massage was when i was pregnant ( pregnancy massage ) ang tagal na nun! and Claudebiko had when we were in the Philippines. We cannot afford to have massage here because it is so expensive. We just only have one solution for that, to buy our own massage table at magmasahihan kameng tatlo hahaha :)
                                              the little model in the side "Mia" medyo shy type
                                                          Bibingclara ( the first client hehe )
                                                    dyaran! are you ready para ma-karate? lol
Our new massage table is bendable, not so heavy and we can arrange it by hanging on the wall ( it has handle and safe cover with it ). More easy for us to arrange it actually behind the door when it's not in use but for the meantime the massage session is still on going....:)
Bibingclara's turn while watching tv
Oil or creme? get your pick. I am for cream uy, ako na next! get down get down :)

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