Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garage sale purchase

You can always find good buys in the garage sale. Some are slightly used and some are brand new. I love doing bazaar hopping like last sunday i went to the vide-grenier/garage sale and found some interesting stuff :)
                                                a pair of gap booties for my younger sister's son
                                         brand new - selling price 2 euros i bargained for 1 euro
              ( it's a kinda revenge because i sent the same from the box without a pair )
             violet and green pang japorms shoulder bag 3 euros each but got for only 5
          ( never used, italian leather daw this is for my two pamangkins na estudyante )
i have got my eyes for bags that day so i bought another 5 more assorted kikay bags
( i forgot picturing the black hand bag my favorite! - ginamit ko na kasi kaagad )
    disco light ( with battery ) and plastic bumbilya type night light for Bibingclara
                                                          ( 2 euros - 0.50 cents )
head bands for my little girl 
( all new - for 1 euros each )
In majority para lang sa amin ang mga nabili ko. Wala akong pasalubong ke Claudebiko hehehe for girls only. Next time, i will post betty boop items that i bought from the said garage sale. I have to zzzzzz na coz tomorrow will be our own garage sale in our area sana walang magbarat sakin hehehe kundi bibigay ko nalang ng libre nyay! :)

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