Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tomato and mozzarella

I'm just back from a blog break! Yes, i admit! ( i have been lazy ) I haven't posted any food entry for so long time. Of course, i do still cook for my family but for the meantime let me leave and share you a quick, easy and refreshing appetizer that i had prepared for my family couple of days ago :)
                                                coeur de boeuf tomatoes - beefsteak tomatoes
1 beefsteak tomato diced
100g mozzarella cut into matchsticks
drizzle with olive oil 
salt and pepper
some leaves of basil 
Because of the weather we are experiencing nowadays ( it's like summer already ) we always wanting cold and refreshing food so aside from eating cucumber, the answer is tomato! varieties of tomatoes :)
                                                         mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes
10-15 pieces cherry tomatoes ( cut into halves or quartered )
8-12 pieces mozzarella balls ( halves or quartered )
olive oil 
salt and pepper
some leaves of basil
Mix each and everything together, place on a plate then ready to serve. My husband prefer beefsteak tomatoes though he finds it not a top! ( a good quality beefsteak tomatoes really expensive ) i like cherry tomatoes because for me its practical to eat kahit na hindi hiwain. My daughter naku, she likes any kind of tomatoes but we observed that she eats more mozzarella than tomatoes each time. Sabi nga ng tatay ko, kumain ng kamatis ito daw ay pampaganda ng kutis :)

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