Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mabuhay ang gulay

Ako ay in a bahay-kubo mode at this moment. After sumabak sa walang humpay na kainan, ngayon ay aking naiisipan na mag sabaw-sabaw nalang mag-su-soup diet baga. At ang bida, gulay na pang-pahaba ng buhay :)
                                  cauliflower, fennel, squash, brocolli, carrots, leeks and turnips
veggies on the go for the soup stock
First, i must make batches of soup stock. When i have my soup stock ready, i could make any soup i want creamy or even just bouillon with just bits of veggies. Tasty and healthy! I am planning eating soup and just salad these days. I want to have only light meal ooppss speaking of light, i will have to post the meal of 3-day diet! yeah, i know i have to re-do it again if i really wanted to be lighter hehehehe :) Upnext...

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