Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dried herbs

Herbs that i have last got from my mother in law's little garden when we were there last summer. Mother in law's house was sold since last year month of december and now occupying by the new homeowner. That means that we have no more bahay-bakasyunan :( but that's ok because i do still have stocks of herbs ( nyek! ) and sea salts from there loads of souvenir in the kitchen from there. Memorable souvenir from Ile de ré :)
bay leaves - feuille de laurel 
sage leaves - feuille de sauge
rosemary - romarin
In fact because they're so abundant ang aking stock na laurel i actually put some in a zip lock bag and sent in the package for philippines ( i remember my father everytime he cooks adobo he would ask me to buy pakete of laurel in the sari-sari store ) i know those leaves i sent will be useful for them in cooking. Sage leaves uhmm i just get some and that's useful for Claudebikos grilling. Rosemary yeah, we used it also when grilling meats, cooking ratatouille and for litsong manok! :)

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