Monday, April 11, 2011

Play tayo with Play-doh

Imagine, there was a time that around 5 or 6 in the morning my little girl will come and wake up early to invite me to play with her play-doh? huh? rubbing my eyes from a sudden awake then will ask her, "why too early anak? antok pa ko" tsk. tsk. tsk... sometimes we didn't know what's running in their mind. It was just like a sudden reaction that maybe they get from dreams. Maybe, maybe! Sometimes i ignore it when she really wants to play but sometimes i can spend time playing with her modeling clay. The more " matiyaga " really is her father who always on the go to make ridiculous forms and shapes hehehe :)
before she had 2 pots of noddy modeling clay ( from tata giang ) but it's already dry
( last christmas Bibingclara got a new play-doh modelling clay from ate yolly as present )
the photo was taken during father and daughter clay bonding hehehe :)
So funny how they have made it formed pedeng, serpent o bulate o _ _ _  uu hehehe i will let you interpret :)

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