Monday, April 4, 2011

As usual

Bibingclara has cough and cold since yesterday, as usual, before bringing her to the nursery this morning, i gave her a slight massage on her chest and back using oil that Claudebiko discovered as a remedy to anti cough. I bought vicks vaporub before but never been used after figuring out that it wasn't good for children. The essential oil is a massage oil that can be applied on the neck, chest, back and sole of the foot. Note : not applicable for childrens under 2 years of age so be careful. The essential oil can be purchase over the internet Comptoir Vanvéen. Their address is 4, place de lattre de tassigny 92170 Vanves ( as indicated on the bottle ). Is it worth the price? yes, my daughter saves from caughing a lot usually at night.
                                                          anti-cough for little - 7.50 euros
                                                       ( made from essential oils of plants )
As a usual routine at home, monday - is vacuum day! hehehe i have to ask hubby to buy another bottle of air freshener that he also bought from the same pharmacy. The air freshener is made from 3 oil essentials - eucalyptus, rosemary and pine, granule type.
                                                             air pur for hoover - 2.80 euros
                                             ( put little amount of granule in the vacuum bag )
Next time, will ask for citrus-mint-lavander scent. Airying time! time to get some fresh air :)

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