Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mia's anniversary

Last week was mia's bday, and as i told on my last post about her that i'll be going to post another entry about our little celebration. Kinda weird but well, our little cat is a part of our family and since she can't blow her candle, Bibingclara does it for her :) and to make the celebration complete, of course she have got ( not so special ) but new stuff that we can say a gift? yeah a gift! little thing for her one year birthday! yipeeee
                  pandakot ng kanyang uu sa buhanginan at bagong plastic bowl na kainan
                                                             ( special noh hehehe )
fish and meat paté and 2 sachet food in sauce na talagang pinakamura ang aking piniling mark ( from Auchan nagtitipid kame hehehe ) at ang dalawang ay 3 pala sila na ipinama dahil ang kanyang pusa ay namimili sa pagkain so ang bagsak nya ay ke mia take note felix ang tatak nito ( sosyal ) at ang flavor ay beef with carrots :)
a video when Bibingclara blew a candle on mia's piece of cake
I dont bake a cake, i just bought a slice of chocolate cake in a café ( Bibingclara insisted me ) we sang birthday songs for mia ( in the video ) after our dinner last saturday. In the end of the video, after the candle was blown Bibingclara still searching for the gift because she wanted to open it for mia too yeah! that was the best part! Next time, i will post all the cats i have known from everywhere :)

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