Saturday, March 26, 2011

Barbie in the house

I always wanting to have a barbie doll when i was little but for a fact that we cannot afford it because it is too expensive, i better satisfy to play with my playmates who has numerous barbies like a collectioner. Barbie doll is one of the famous toy caracter for every little girl. For my daughter, i do not introduced barbie to her because i am so into betty boop. In fact, i do not buy any barbie for my little girl, luckily she got some barbie stuff from friends offering :)
4 barbie dolls ( one contribution from my friend who lives in united state and one from Bibingclara's ate elodie ) accessories came from her ate elodie's too :) 
Barbie shirt and skirt ( 2 years ago from her Ate Cynthia )
another barbie shirt from Ate Cynthia
lunch boxes from the brother of her ninang Annie in chinatown last year 2010
Barbie numeric watch courtesy of Cynthia ( recently )
And Barbie water jug another thing from Cynthia 
My manugang likes barbie's i guess she's one of a barbie fan so she always offer it to Bibingclara each time. I can love Barbie too but where is Ken? hehehe hiwalay na pala sila since 2004 hmm sayang! Next time, will post bonjour miaw miaw  :)

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