Thursday, March 24, 2011

Herbs in the kitchen

I haven't done yet rearranging my little kitchen. As my usual mess, you can see plastic and cups everywhere in the shelves.  I know, i also have to do picturing ( for the sake of blog ) all my herbs and spices in a little bottle that i had place on the shelf just in front of the kitchen sink. I put my herbs and spices usually in a clear glass bottle so with that way i can easily seen them and not forgetting using it. As i cook adobo offenly, of course, i will never runs out of bay leaves ( laging me reserba ) came from my mother in laws garden :)
                                                                  bay leaves still drying up
Kung merong tuyo, meron ding presko like persil ou parsley na mula sa tindahan ng isda ( they give it for free when you buy fish minsan pa nga me kasama pang lemon na kulay dilaw ).
We eat fish every friday and monday night ( twice a week ) so suki na kame sa isdaan hehehe we obliged ourselves to eat fish ( magandang bitamina para sa memorya ) kahit na minsan mahal ang kilo. My Bibingclara likes fishes lalo na kapag ang partner ay mashed potatoes à la Claudebiko :) 

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