Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cinema for all little

We watched cinema yesterday but without Claudebiko. It was a short film about 4 seasons. We arrived on time and get our ticket. We waited upstairs while one of the staff from the cinema inform us that the film will start a bit late ( about 20-25 minutes) in lieu of normal schedule time because there's a technical problem. The film was good as usual but for next time, i prefer watching when its musical film like last time. I observed that Bibingclara enjoy most of it ( with matching dance and clapping her hands ). Almost every children enjoy each seance. The ambience is more lively!no doubt, the parents enjoys it as well :)
                                                photo taken during cinema festival last month
holding tight her free balloon ( kakagising lang nakatulog in the middle of the spectacle )
Because we really, really likey, like the cine-musical ( we experience twice ). We bought the book that they have shown from the presentation :)
l'arbre sans fin - tree without ending 
They aren't selling the book and in fact, we have got the difficulty where we could buy it. Good thing Claudebiko found it from the internet and ordered it from amazon. Bibingclara was so happy! :)

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