Sunday, March 20, 2011


This is a late post one sunny day. Riding on a boat while crossing the beautiful monuments in Paris. I experienced already to be in the boat of les vedettes du pont-neuf  but that was 4 years ago. We tried for the second time with Bibingclara because we have got free tickets :)
free tickets Claudebiko's got from work
it is not advisable to be with a child like Bibingclara's age because all she wanted to do is to run so we have to look after her very carefully. Glad because we were in a front seat and we have enough space unlike at the back.
the famous eiffel tower 
Bibingclara geting bored
Honestly to say, it is nice cruising if you were just a couple or tourist na walang mapuntahan pero with a kid grrrr nku po the day will be too long na parang gusto mo nang bumalik sa pampang at umuwi ng mabilisan. Nanny pls! :)

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