Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pho soup

When its chilly cold weather, we go for a soup. Looking for a comfort food with a mixture of rice noodles the answer is always pho soup. I found out a recipe from the internet when hubby requesting me to do it at home. At first, he's thinking like doing this soup will spending the rest of my time in the kitchen but no, it's just a matter of preparation. Ang dali at ang bilis lang! When i have all the ingredients ready in the fridge nothing else more but to boiled a big batch of water for this yummy soup :)
i made this entry short, i boiled about 5 liters of water throwing a piece of whole onion, small carrots, small ginger, 2 beef cubes, and 5 chinese spices
preparing chilis, sliced onions, barbeque sauce, bean sprouts, lemon, basil and thinly slices beef ( sometimes i add beef balls ) cooked rice noodles ( cooking instructions on the package )
                                                                 condiments are ready
Drained the noodles, put in each bowls, pour in the super hot boiled soup and make yourself a topping of each and everything. Hmmm... my pho soup version always turned out good but of course would love to try a real pho soup when we'll be in vietnam :)
                         my dalagita enjoy hers with matching playing with chopsticks
Next entry, showing how Bibingclara truly enjoys her mama's soup :)

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