Saturday, February 26, 2011

My mission

I haven't completed yet my mission. It is not a big mission but a small mission hehehe :). The story was, my sister-in-law asked me if only i will get a chance to buy and find the same hand and nail cream for her in the market or in any beauty store then she will be glad to have one or two. I took a photo to make sure that i would get the same. I already checked in the internet where i could find this hand cream but it wasn't available here but only in uk. I get also intrigued by this product because i tested it when she asked me to give it a try. I also like it for my personal use. It was a gift to her by a friend and the tube she has will runs out soon. She likes it because it is not greasy when applying and the odor is just light ( love coco ) unlike the other cream that has rich in texture with a strong odor. No chance but to ask one in the family in uk to get one for us :)
Inecto hand and nail cream
And ohh there's a good thing, there are also products for hair. I would also love to have one for my hair. It will gonna be on my list :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Hi Maruh! sorry ha hindi ako nakakapag blog-hopping in the past weeks, busy masyado kay bunso at dito sa shop. nadagdagan pa ang load ko sa pag aerodance, hehehe... thanks for visiting my site always :) take care my friend!!! kiss clara for me :)

Maruhya said...

hello riz! yes i will! uy, no need to be sorry! i am enjoying reading ur updates so i keep coming hehehe it's my pleasure! minsan pag homesick masyado ako daldal. i guess i will need that aerodance like you do :) best regards!!! :)