Monday, January 3, 2011

Media Noche

We spent a bountiful new year's eve chez my friend jenny and it was also their house warming party at the same time. We went home around 3H00 in the morning and off to bed around 4am huh, we had so much fun, fun, fun! :) Obviously, they're lots of foods over the table ohhh forget the figure!
                                                            rillettes / potted meat -  porc
                                                        pickles rolled in smoked salmon
                                                                      rillettes of tuna
                                                                          fish chips
                                                                     beef caldereta
                                                      creamy chicken with button mushrooms
                                                                 pork dish with pineapples
                                                                     mixed veggies
                                                                    pancit - rice noodles
                                                                      and shrimp curry
                                  Ahhh mega eat to max! do you still have space for the dessert?
              buko pandan ni mareng ethel ( absent si mama gudy eh she's in philippines )
my first attempt of kaki cake ( sorry it was burnt ) trying to hide it by putting cream
                                                          and my gelatine with mango bits
                                                                   We are just arrived
                                                              Bibingclara with the host
                                                 cheers! we all just waiting for the karaoke
                                                        giving gifts, everybody looks happy
                                                      playing like a kid " Bonne Annéé!!!! "
                                                                      peace! peace!
                                                                     silly jenny
                                                                   silly mama
                                                                 is it altar of gifts ? very nice!
                                                            where's mine jen? hehe joke!
We were so much full by eating all those yummy foods! waaaa but honestly, we enjoyed. we had a great and late sleep enjoyable time with them. The best part was the countdown where each and everybody give a kiss. Manigong Bagong Taon! Happy New Year! Bonne Année!!!!!


SimpleMomRizza said...

Happy New year!!! Daming food sarap!!!

Maruhya said...

Happy new year din sayo and to your family rizz!!! sa sobrang dame kong nakain di na nakatalon :)