Monday, January 3, 2011

The Gifts

Holiday season is over ( stress is over hahaha ). We all know that people get stress by buying gifts for their love ones. Actually, i haven't been stressed hehehe because i haven't offer any gift to my husband and lovely daughter. I haven't had the time to bake goodies as giveaways for friends but i do baked batches of cakes that i had offered to some and offered some of my home cooked meals. Well, for me anytime or anyday can be a giving day not just only during holidays. Here are some of the gifts that i have been giving away during new year's eve wrapping them without any stress hehehe and because of welcoming 2011, i chose 11 gifts that i can only find at home but hey, they're all brand new ha :)
11 gifts - soaps, paracetamols, toothpaste,sanitary hand gel, wet wipes, sandwhich box, paper trash box, umbrella, set of manicure, notebook, ohhh i forgot the 11th! can anyone remind me plssss :)
and for a couple of friends i chose of giving ladybug items ( believing that it gives luck and chance ) i bought the ladybug items from different store, ladybug clear wrapper - from the indian store. ladybug double photo frame - from the chinese quartier and bought at the thailand souvenir stop. ladybug cutie candles - from the chinese gift store.
voilà - finished product! i was so happy to find out those lovely coccinelles -ladybug items
After the gifts that has been given, now here are the gifts that we have got received from family, friends and les ninangs/les marraines of Bibingclara :)
yes, this is the biggest gift we've got ( a glass bucket and champagne glasses )
aside from the books and toys Bibingclara received she also got some clothes from les tata's
ahhh this is for me and Bibingclara ( session in the kitchen ) a bday gift from hubby
muffin recipe booklet with colorful silicone muffin molds
choco booklet with choco molds ( in different shapes round, star and diamond )
mini creme brulée recipes with 2 ramekins and torch included 
                            Betty gifts for my birthday - from jen,jojie,ethel,sorina and cléo
                          and the most exciting gifts - chanel body lotion and eau de toilette
I believe in Santa Claus now hehehehe Salamat! Thank you! and Merci, merci to everybody!!!!!!! :)

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