Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eating out

Bonjour 2011! My first post today! I have loads of pending post that i haven't been posted yet. Here is our dining experience that i would like to share with you after christmas day :)
                                                                      inside the church
Dec. 26- We went for a walk to the quartier chinois and had a visit to the near church. I used to light a candle when i go visit any church. I lighted a candle and prayed after. There are so many blessings to be thankful for, and i continued praying that for this 2011, wishing that all would be the same :). It was already lunch time when we leave the church so after we have been searching some place to eat. It was chilling outside and we are wanting to eat something warm so since we were in the chinese area, we headed to the vietnamese restaurant.
                                                             herbs and spices for the soup
                                                                 special vietnamese soup
                                                           vietnamese special rice meal
I used to have the same order, a big bowl of special soup! This is actually our 2nd time dining out to this restaurant and this time with our Bibingclara. We shared everything! We were so hungry! They're all yummy! yummy!
                                               banana dessert with tapioca and coconut milk
                                       glutinous rice ball with yellow munggo bean paste filling
                                                                   "perle de coco"
                                                       a dessert drink called "three tresors"
We had ordered three desserts ( les gourmandes hihihi ) and Bibingclara's favorite is the glutinous rice ball. She also ate the banana with tapioca and drunk a petit peu of three tresor, my favorite dessert drink. Everything was satisfying! Claudebiko finished his meal with a bottle of tsingtsao beer ( chinese beer ). Next time, hopefully our dining experience will be in vietnam so we will taste a real and more yummy pho soup :)

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