Thursday, December 30, 2010

Noche Buena

We had a simple noche buena at home. I did not cook anything. We just bought smoked salmon and fresh white cheese with dill as sauce from Labeyrie. I have been wanting of buying foie gras also from labeyrie but we said it would be for next time because we also bought fresh oysters as starter :)
                                                   traditional smoked salmon from norway
                                                                  my plate ( 2nd batch )
                                                                 Oysters from brittany
                                                                   my plate ( 1st batch )
It was our first time to eat oysters from brittany because we usually buy oysters only from île de ré but ohh those yummy oysters are so good as well. Bibingclara had fresh fish boiled in water. Voilà! we just had a simple but delicious one on christmas eve :)

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