Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a bountiful Noche Buena together with my friends Cléo and Sorina. We were super busog because they have lots of foods (you know typical filipino tradition) i get drunk too i guess(cocktails+champagne).We ended up going home around 3am (saya noh?). 

     while we're waiting for the other visitors, sige inom and blah blah blah obviously Cléo has still her glass on her hand (tubig lang yan!) and me, medyo kring kring na hahahaha

we are just only 7 adults + Bibingclara but we have a big as in "palanggana" hehehe Pancit Luglog favorite ko toh!! Pancit Malabon kaya i eated a  L O T !!!

We had also Salmon canapé, Foie gras canapé, One whole grilled Salmon (super sarap), Sticky rice with chicken parang paella style oh i forgot the name i have to ask Sorina for it (have to ask her recipe too) at ska Barbeque Ribs (New yorkian style according to Clé (super sarap din), Shrimps with herbs, Chicken drumstick basta yummy yummy lahat!!!

Of course! when we get home since a lot a lotta left overs me take out pa kame! huh
Thank you Clé and Sori !!! You made our Noche Buena a real one like in Philippines you save me from missing my family!!!

You are a real friend a real family!!! 

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