Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My greatest gift

Yesterday was my birthday! I have got so many surprises from Claudebiko and Bibingclara even the day before my birthday. I also got surprises from friends! yeah, full of surprises hehehe :) I am so very happy for what i have got as gift from my loving hubby. The gifts that he had offert to me wasn't actually just for me. Nyay, for his two lovely girls ME and Bibingclara :)
pinagbiyak na saging
I just so love looking back at our pictures. Our special moments anywhere and everywhere. I posted some of my favorite and recent pictures. Huh, time flies so really fast! Another year for me :)
île de ré summer 2009
summer month of july
summer at île de ré
playing with her in the living room
at home picture-picture
Last year birthday was spent in Ile de ré because we also spent a short christmas holiday to visit my mother in law. Just an ordinary day, no celebration just happily being with my family :) i received gifts, loads of greeting from sms, ym messenger, facebook from family and friends yesterday! thanks so much! thanks to everybody! What a priceless gift i've got of having a beautiful family life, having a loving and supporting husband, having a lovable and intelligent daughter. A gift that i cannot get anywhere else :)
one fine day while having our breakfast together
My only wish for my birthday, is to have more birthday years to be celebrate with Claudebiko and Bibingclara. I am not asking for more and i am so very thankful on him for giving me the greatest gift :)
in the restaurant
the day after christmas
An ordinary day during christmas holiday. We didn't move out, spent most of the time at home :)
dec 28, 2010 dinner at ate yolly's house
No celebration as well on the day of my birthday but special, so special :)
a birthday song for mama in english, tagalog and french
I am touched! Thanks for making the video Claudebiko while i'm out of home. What a big surprise! well done anak! I love You both!!! You are my greatest gift! ( crying, crying and crying again! huhuhu ) The drama queen bow :)

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