Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holi Days

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Welcoming 2010 Woooooooo (ang kulit!) I have been sick for a month (grabe it's tiring!) i've got colds ang lamig kase eh now i have these pending entries to post well, im gonna make it now while Bibingclara is having a nap

Dec. 26 - We went to Ile de Ré to visit my mother in law

There was a Big Snowman balloon decoration welcoming us in front of the entrance at first Bibingclara doesn't want to come closer because she's a bit afraid. It was really enormed even me natakot (ngek!) but when Claudebiko started to touch the tip of the nose, she was little ok and wanted to play with it too.

My mother in law just got home from the hospital few weeks ago and she cannot move her
left leg that's why  she's always in her wheelchair but its not a hindrance to play with her little apo. Claudebiko's mother is 86 years old and she is living in the same retired house of her late mother.

Dec. 27 - We had a lunch invitation to Claudebiko's cousin who lives in La Rochelle

Oysters (les huitres)

We are not fedding up eating fresh oysters so we eated everyday during our stay. we usually buy our yummy oysters to Cabanajam

Steamed Cauliflower and Roasted Porc
Goat's Cheese (fromage de Chévre)

Cherry xmas cake (buche de noël)

Thanks to Francis and Dominique. We always eat good everytime we are with them (good cook!)

Dec. 28 - It's My Birthday

Nothing so special but it was a bliss to see the beach its just 5 mins. walk from the house

Though i didn't had the chance to blow my 30th candle that day, (sarado ang bakeshop hehehe, i am so lazy to bake my bday cake huh)  its ok coz i cannot find anywhere else the funny times  i had with Claudebiko and Bibingclara at the beach (ang lakas ng alon,mahangin, ang lamig at ang ginaw-ginaw grrrrr...)

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