Friday, December 24, 2010

Ile de ré chocolates

It's Yuletide season! Chocolate season for Bibingclara and me ( les gourmandes ). Chocolates everywhere! 
We visited one of the chocolate store in St. Martin last summer, where i bought a jar of good quality caramel spread and chocolate powder used for baking. 
i also bought chocolate spread, chocolate-hazelnut spread and choco spoon ( good dipping in a coffee )
A season where you can see loads of chocolates selling in the supermarkets. Giving chocolates traditionally offer as gifts specially to the children. Munching little chocolates right now crunnchhhhh :)
                                                  chocolate cake from the bakery of ile de ré
round chocolate cake named "fleur de sel"  
Tonight for our noche buena we'll not be having our buche de noël - Christmas log but we will be feasting of chocolatesssssss while watching the snow falling. Snowy christmas yipeeee :)

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