Monday, November 29, 2010

New partner

I've got new partner in the kitchen! I bought in the open book market the other day two recipe book that will gonna help me to get an instant idea for what im gonna cook for a day. It comes a time of getting sick of cooking/eating the same dishes over and over so now would like to try something new like dishes that can easily make. I guess this easy guide cooking book is for me ( even i am no longer student and single anymore ) hehehe :)
                                                                        Egg 366 recipes
                                                     Mama's recipes for students and singles
That's not all! I've got them for a price of 12 euros ( 6 euros each ) not bad! I am happy when i found the egg recipe book ( knowing that many thing we could do with the eggs ) and They're not famous recipe book but hey, somehow this will gonna help me to create yummy dishes from day to day :)

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