Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the Metro

Photo shots from the metro. I can go out with her without hassle! basta i have to explain to her everything that she'll gonna ask and see ( very active ). She looked very behave sitting while waiting the metro train :)
ang batang mukhang anak ng muslim 
ang batang mukhang anak ni pokwang
I've got not any problem inside the train ( haven't bring the pousette/stroller ) she walked halding my hands, sat directly in front of me ( never asked sitting on my lap ). She was observing everything and asking every unimportant things hehehe well, good thing nahinto sya sa kakatanong sakin when there was a man who began to sing ( it is often someone's singing inside the metro, they're asking for little coins in return after ). 
at ang mag-inang palaboy
Mega mother and daughter bonding even if it's tiring kapag nagpapabuhat na sya ( weighs 13 kilos  now ) All was worth for naman lalo na't when she's making lambing to me by giving loads of kissess and mega killing close up smile :)

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