Saturday, November 27, 2010

Betty Boop Figurine No. 23

My Betty majorette was one week late than its normal arrival date. Unlike the Betty Hardinera that i've truly get on time. I have been worried of not getting my majorettiii that's why i asked Claudebiko to brush up every store ( pilitin! pilitin! ) buti nalang, he went to the center commercial and got the chance to buy it from Virgin store :)
                                                  Betty Boop Figurine No. 23 ( Majorette )
                                                                  costs 8.99 euros
I like it! She's so cute! It reminds me of banda rito, banda roon sa malabon hahaha never akong naging majorette dahil pang sexy lang daw ito ( at pang me talent ) can't wait for next month's figurine issue Betty Boop Figurine No. 24 ( Lifeguard ) :)

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