Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the love of rice

We are rice lovers! even for our noon time snack always been ready to give a crack :) 
                                             crispy corn and rice cakes ( maïs et riz soufflé )
                                                           crunchy pringles rice infusions
Caught in the act! She just had finish her lunch eating rice with adobo. Aba! nag-sasaing na ulet si Bibingclara.
playing with the grains of rice
she was asking her papa if she could re-wash again 
The rice she's washing was for dinner. Naku anak, tama na ala ng lasa yung bigas! Bibingclara likes to turn on the rice cooker and she would tell me if it's already cook when she see the orange light. Thanks 3D rice cooker until now di ka pa nasisira. Dependable ka talaga hehehe :)

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