Monday, October 11, 2010

Poor Mia

We're still anxious about mia's condition. Around 10pm, saturday, she fell down from our balcony. Falling down from the 5th floor and picking her in a shocked state is not merely joke. I could imagine if this happen to a human naku po! patay! basag ang buto :( . It's all happened when Bibingclara and i were inside the room ready to bed and while Claudebiko sitting and doing computer ( as usual habit at night ) suddenly, he heared a rapidly unusual noise like scratching and a boum! fall noise after from outside ( window was open ). He run looking outside the balcony to check ( very nervous ). He has an intense feeling that it could be mia yes, it was our mia. Claudebiko went down the building picking her ( poor little mia, she's only 6 months old ) from the floor. No stains of blood around her body, just a few around her upper lips and medyo ika-ika sya pag naglakad. We called an urgent veterinarian right away ( she gave an injection to mia para kumalma and she advise us to survey mia until late morning ) Imagine how i felt when i saw mia laying on our sofa bed ( she made her poo-poo and pi-pi on after her fall ) though the veterinarian said, that it was a good sign. Her hearts beats so fast with her tongues out, humihinga ng malalim like she was going to die. Nalungkot ako! I can't explain. Ganun pala yun. Gusto kong umiyak ng umiyak at yakapin sya ng mahigpit at sobrang awang-awa sa kanya :(
a picture taken a week ahead before the accident 
Buti nalang tulog si Bibingclara when it was all happened but when the veterinarians arrive nagising sya sa door bell and she got the chance to know what's happening. This morning, Claudebiko brought her to our veterinarian and the veterinarian said that mia broke her mouth ( it has a breakage line between fronth teeth although the skin is not completely broken ) kaya pala ayaw nya kumain. Matamlay si Mia ( kawawa talaga )
 She's still under observations. Maaari daw di sya maging masigla ng ilang araw. Mia got the chance but we doesn't really know what her progress will be. X-ray will follow or maybe a hospitalization can be next as veterinarians told. You'll be strictly phohibited to play outside Mia! we all know that accident can happen anytime ( me hinabol ata syang insekto kaya sya nahulog tsk. tsk ... ) Go mia ( notre chatonette ) laban ka! We are very impatient for your recovery.

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