Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chocolate cakes

We are going to celebrate Claudebiko's birthday tomorrow a simple dinner with friends at home. No chocolate cake with plenty of candles to blow ( hehehe ). I just only made little cheesecakes ( this afternoon ) that i put in the ramequin ( i used small yoghurt pots that i kept for ages in the pantry mahilig akong mag recycle eh hehehe ) and tomorrow afternoon i plan to make little cassavas. In real, chocolate cakes are always present because mama goody and cléo usually bakes when there's any celebration :)
                            Bibingclara's bday cake ile de ré 2009 ( courtesy of mama goods )
                                            Haloween chocolate cake 2009 ( courtesy of cléo)
                                                 Bday/Christmas cake 2009 ( courtesy of cléo )
my birthday cake 2008 ( courtesy of mama guds )
I never tried to bake chocolate cake. I will have to ask both their recipes. Maybe i'll try soon and i'll let you update what will be the outcome :)

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