Saturday, October 23, 2010

First movie

This is actually the very first time that Bibingclara shown a movie in a big screen. After a long searching and planning what would be  the best thing spending a productibly saturdays during week-ends with kids, finally, we found out a good diversion of Bibingclara's attention! :)
Check it out! they have actually plenty of films to see. We buy our tickets online usually in advance! 
very serious and contented watching her first film with childrens around at her same age
( excited ang mga bata medyo me ingay and you cannot make them saway masaya sila )
films on line for aged 18months to 2 y/o
or 2 - 8 y/o 
Next saturday, another film for Bibingclara! Good thing after ng sine me libre miryenda ang mga bata ( ticket price included ). Ang saya! sana me free snack din para sa mga parents! ngek! :)

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