Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ang maliit na si marcel

I was actually searching for a swimwear last summer until i found out a nice folded wallet from petit marcel. I love stripes specially when they're covering with lots of different colors. I bought the wallet for only 10 euros ( it was on sale ) regular price was 25 euros.
little marcel wallet 
I haven't find any that could fit me ( they're all in two piece halerrr ) i must buy a new one ( for next year ) because that old one i have that i bought in Philippines (sm department store) doesn't fit me anymore. That doesn't mean that i loose weight ( oh how i wish ) but because of the not so top quality of it. The top getting bigger and begins to loose the elasticity at the back, and the short becomes small now on the leg. I hope i could find a new one with the same model so i can still hide my bulges ( gosh, i really have to work on it! )
                                              swimwear top comes with a short (boyleg) model
I get attracted by the works of little marcel ( colors ) and i never let the chance passed without buying a nice coin purse ( useful when i do food shopping ) for me. Bought in one of the boutique in St. Martin for 8 euros.
little marcel coin purse
I was also thinking to buy a nice top for Bibingclara until i learnt that i can save more if i will buy them thru internet where they're offering some promo and good buys :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

ang cute ng wallet sa taas :)

Maruhya said...

cute noh? :)