Monday, September 27, 2010

Tahong and fries

I haven't been eating tahong after a long time because i had an experience of non-stop vomiting when i was in my elementary days ( long time ago ). They said bawal daw ito sa gutom, this is actually the story had happened to me. going back home from school opening straight the cover of our casserole with full of tahong ( me sabaw ). I was so very hungry, kinain ko kaagad with matching kanin ayun, after few seconds got a stomach upset then walang tigil na pagsusuka since then, nagka phoebia na ako. Ayaw ko nang kumain ng tahong ( kahit anong klaseng luto ) at natakot na din ako sa phenomena ng red tide nuon. Then after long years had past, nakaka miss din pala ang pagkain nito before i described ang lasa ng tahong na "lasang dagat" so na missed ko ang lasang dagat hehehe what a timing when the first meeting up with my mother in law in Ile de ré ( that was year 2006) she invited us in a restaurant where it has a very nice view ( near sea side ).
enjoying my tahong w/ matching french fries and eating like it was my first time ( again )
I never cook tahong at home but sometimes kapag hinahanap ng panlasa ko so easy to dine out nlang sa restaurants like léon's.
                             baked mussels dining out at léon's restaurant with aunt ( 2007 )
i ordered tahong with cream/curry sauce picture taken in one of the restaurant in Ile de ré ( 2009 )
One time in Ile de ré, Claudebiko cooked tahong for us ( i guess that was year 2008 ) i loved the way hubby made it! ito ay may halong french baguette ( day old bread ) at konting white wine.
les moules marinières à la léo
Last august, léo made two versions of tahong ( one with tomatoes, wine and parsley and one with cream ). Looking back, almost every year na pala akong napapakain ng tahong hehehe wala ng phoebia at wala ng stomach stomach upset pa. Ang bonus pa, kasi di ako ang nagluluto nag aantay nalang ng kainan time hehehe love yah tahongg :)

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