Friday, September 17, 2010

Oysters / des huîtres

Oysters is a star on the table during christmas season but for us not just only with occasions. In ile de ré, we eat and buy fresh oysters from cabanajam almost all the time. Eating oyster with just a piece of bread with butter is hmmm.. lovely ( i preferred mine with lemon juice ) :)
1st batch
2nd batch 
Run in the family i can say, Bibingclara likes oysters too. At first we didn't let her to try because maybe she can have a rapide reaction by eating them but she likes to taste it and she will never stop saying, insisting " i want! i want! "
asking permission to Claudebiko " can i have pa? "
 pinagbigyan ok try ( mega higop ) slurrp
aba at nagustuhan at humihirit pa ng isa hehehe
Good thing, there's no reaction at all! She's just curious how's the oysters tastes like. Now, she can eat oysters but not more than 2 shells. Strict ang parents hehehe :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Ang laki ng laman!!! fave ito ng aking eldest son nasi Justine :) ako kumakain nito kapag maliliit lang yung laman, hehehe ;)

Maruhya said...

talaga? ako naman di nakain ng oyster sa atin kasi nalalakihan ako. nuong una di ako kumakain nito pero nagustuhan ko na din nung naglaon :)