Friday, September 17, 2010

Clothes in the closet

Sorting out the clothes from the closet and finding out that my size is getting bigger. Kinda frustrating of purchasing new clothes nowadays. By looking them back, remembering when i purchase the black dress ( la robe noir ) i recall that for about 6 pcs of dresses i had fitted, this is the only one that fits me well ( di nahalata ang mga nagagalit na bilbil ) :)
a dress that i only use on Bibingclara's bday last july
I am not following the trend but it's just only coincidence that i had a blouse and a sleeveless with the same type of design. I dont know really if it was the fashion last 2009. 
grey blouse from kookai bought for 15 euros
army green sleeveless bought in a spanish clothing boutique for 3.99 euros 
Winter sale will start next year 2011, on the first month of the year. I hope i can be lighter before end of the year so will be ready to find pleasure of choosing nice dresses for me :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Me too, my target na pumayat before summer next year, hehehe... ang hirap humanap ng clothes dito sa atin kapag mataba :( huhuhu...

Maruhya said...

oo nga sinabi mo pa :) oras na talaga para magpa payat tayo hehehe teka pano yung food trip natin in the future? hehehe