Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Storm Xynthia

We arrived in Ile de ré safely. While setting up our thing, i have founded a compiled documents in lieu of storm xynthia on the table. It was one of my mother in law's friend who kept all the articles from the journals ( unluckily, she lost everything! her house was destructed by the flood ).
Today, while having our lunch ( mother in law with us ) we had visitors (for a house viewing purpose ) an english couple, a prospect buyer from  agency. Tourist keep coming from different places mostly from england. The places where had been affected by flood are now in the state of recovery. 
Et maintenant? and now?
Looking back when we spent our weekend here last april ( luckily, mom in law's house wasn't affected by the strong xynthia )
the beach was inaccessible 
the fences along the pathway was destructed by the strong wind 
What more can be stronger kapag ang kalikasan ay nagsusungit? :(

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