Saturday, August 28, 2010

Garage sale at football stadium

One saturday, we went to a garage sale in le bois plage en ré . The garage sale was held in the football stadium. There are few stalls selling antiques ( jewelry, vases, ceramic plates, kitchen tools etc. etc. ) and some selling second hand clothes and toys for children.
Bibingclara was amused by playing while mama was having a tour doing toy hunting
We are actually searching for lego toys, no luck! but instead i spotted a wooden toy for Bibingclara. I asked Claudebiko for his opinion about it and he said right away yeah! why not? (pourquoi pas?) 
All sides has photos (animals, numbers, shapes and letters) and supplementary shapes to be insert ( triangle, circle, square and star )  
with these little boxes, she can also make a little tour ( she occupied her time by playing/making a tour with her square cheeses when eating ). A good toy to help stimulates her system development i thought, then we asked the price and the old lady answered 5 euros. Hmm... not bad but we love bargaining so i asked back for 4 euros ( kuripotpot!) then she said ok (yes!) she packed the toy with a big smile and had given us :)
Not that all! because they were super bait, ( na cute-an ata skin hehehe no ke Bibingclara ) they offered a litte clown to Bibingclara for free. Sometimes, you can encounter nice and friendly people not just for the sake of making money but to give pleasure even just in a little thing for the little ones. Sana laging me mabait na nagtitinda sa garage sale! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

uy, good buy na yan Maruh!

Maruhya said...

good buy nga kasi nilalaro nya at least di nasayang ang pag purchased :)