Monday, June 28, 2010

Spoiled Mia

I am talking too much about my Bibingclara for the last few days, now it's my pangalawang anak ( mia's ) turn :) Mia had her vaccination last tuesday and the veterinarian had injected an electronic chip shaped like a grain of rice ( we prefer it than tattoo ) with that we can detect and find her easily in case she will get lost. When the veterinarian injected it, si Bibingclara ang umiyak hehehe umiyak din si Mia pero sandali lang. The veterinarian said she's in good health, no problem and growing well. Not to mention all our expenses ( already expected a life with a cat ). We love her so much and as to have another girl in the family, of course we always make sure to have stocks and provide everything for her :)
         Mia's  foods, milk, toys ( mouses ), hair brush and anti-insect product
                croquettes ( dry catfood good for her teeth ), food with sauces
       another special brush ( must brush her everyday ), rolling toy with feathers
                                        Mia's scratch boxes toy ( for her kalmot talent )
                                                cat litter and another box of food
Spoiled baby Mia! I must be quiet and type discretly ( must respect her sleep ) because she's having a nap you Miaaoooo :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

where's the pic of spoiled Mia? Katuwa naman si Bibingclara siya ay nakiiyak kay Mia :)

Maruhya said...

oo nga noh nakalimutan kong i post ang kanyang photos nakikigulo kasi yan nung pictorial ng mga foods nya kaya inedit ko. mia's photos upnext with the kalmutan blues hehehe :)