Monday, June 21, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

It becomes a fun and game now everytime i dress up Bibingclara. She tend to choose what she'll going to wear for the day ( she'll choose by mentioning its color ) just like the other day when i was telling her to be in a hurry and not to play too much in front of the mirror ( morning routine going to her nursery ). I am the type of "matagal magbihis" not just being capricornian ( mostly capricornians daw eh matagal mamili ng isusuot at ang ending ay ang gulu-gulong closet ) sometimes kasi i feel uncomfortable much more now when i feel getting big ( ang hirap mag loose ng weight ) so nakakaiinis magbihis at dun ako natatagalan hehehe :)
 Hmm... Ponkan na ponkan ang anak ko
She was trying to ask Mia's opinion
I am almost ready Mama
Ah! Caught in the act! Tara na anak ma le late na tayo! On y va :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

oh, katuwa naman si Bibingclara, gusto ko ng baby girl, waaaahhhhh!!!

Maruhya said...

hehehe hindi pa huli ang lahat riz pede ka pang gumawa para magka baby girl hehehe :)