Monday, June 28, 2010

Betty boop sickness

My addiction continues and my betty boop collections getting more and more. When we were in the mall ( with Claudebiko ) i was pulling hard his arms when i saw this betty red shirt from the display. He has need to buy it! doesn't matter the price! scratch the card! :)
                                         a betty shirt from Mim
After the red shirt, what a coincidence when i saw another betty boop item in another boutique at the side. He must buy it too!
                                    2 brilliant caps in silver and gold purchased from Tati
Scratch the card for second time! Claudebiko's said yeah! it's your day... hehehe :). A friend told me that she find less and less betty boop items in the store in us ( plenty when you buy over the net ) masyado daw kasing sexy at hindi nababagay sa mga bata na nag i idolized. Like here, i find betty boops rarely that's why kapag nakakakita ako na kahit na ano na me mukha ni betty ay talagang na e excite ako at talagang i bu buy ko iyon no matter what hehehe :)
like this one i bought it 3 years ago in the same store a set of undies ( kiddie size )
                                       kiddie caps in red / white bought 2 years ago
Those Betty items will be for my daughter ( she will become betty boops fanatics too ) How i wish i could find more betty boops for kids. I found some Baby boops from here and will post them sooner :) 


SimpleMomRizza said...

uy, ang cute ng shirt mo Maruh! hula ko size niyan? hehehe...

Maruhya said...

oo hindi ka nagkakamali nakakainis yung ibang design at kulay puro small sizes nalang at ito lang red ang me LARGE hehehe :)