Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Travel / le voyage

We stayed in City-state hotel in mabini for an overnight to make sure that we wouldn't be late on our trip going to batangas pier. The transportation wasn't been easy for us and since we are travelling with a kid, i had no choice but to keep Bibingclara always on my lap.

                                                   inside the bus while waiting for other tourist
                                       sa ferry boat nagwawala na si Bibingclara
It was a stressing day nasabayan pa ng bad hair day ko hehehe kasi naman from the port they weren't stop bugging us of buying something because they're selling foods and even the porters ang dami nilang nag uunahan na magbuhat ng bagahe mo.

Jeepney experience ng mag-ama
papunta ng resort at pauwi ng manila

From far, we saw a café called "le bistro d'agathe"
The owner of the café/restaurant is a french and the daughter's name is Agatha (d'agathe has pronounciation of dagat -sea) they carried the daughter's name for their restaurant according to one of their staff.
Mmm.. they are serving fresh croissants how i wish they were not far from the resort
Buti nalang at naupo kame at nakipag chika chika ng konti  at we had some fresh drink because the representative who will guide/bringing us going to the resort was late (*one point) . What a day! Sino kaya ang di maba bad trip :(

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