Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At the beach / à la plage

Everything that we had experienced in the resort wasn't bad at all times. Actually, we've been very contented with the tranquility of the place. A quiet place that we've been looking for away from the big city. The beach is so beautiful! The water is like a mirror so clear, so clean, so inviting!
I have been very disappointed on our first dining experience from the restaurant of the resort. I haven't eat anything from bistro d'agathe because i was more on concentrating of waiting for the guy who will gonna pick us up and will gonna lead us to our accomodation. When we get to the resort, we had our welcome drinks and we went directly to our room. I asked Claudebiko to have our lunch first (it was already late and you can call it early miryenda)

We ordered Carbonara the sphagetti noodle is not cook and no creamy sauce at all (kinda dry) bits of ham instead of bacon. (*2points)The Sisig i ordered is like a sisig in can that they put directly on the sizzling plate. The Beef tapa was a bit ok though (it was on sizzling plate too) a bit pricey. I was deadly hungry at that time even if my taste buds doesn't like it, i had no choice but to finish my meal (no other restaurant anyway). After the meal, we went back to the room to have our shower before dipping on the water. Bad trip! walang water! walang hot water!  (*3 points)
                        First day on the beach Bibingclara enjoyed having "tampisaw" on the water 
Claudebiko would love us to get more Tan

Imagining if one of the coconut fruit will fall down awww!!! bukol!
No special view to show just showing how masculine foot i have! thanks pa! for rewarding me the paang mala luya :)

                                       get connected to check our mails by the help of smartbro 
  After enjoying the beach, since there was still no water in our room they gave us the key in one of the cottages (a nipa hut type) in front of the beach. We used only the bathroom of the cottage (just to have our shower) but in reality Claudebiko would like to transfer instead of occupying our room upstair. I haven't agree with him because i was thinking about more of mosquitos who will gonna make us papak. Well, our room? It is a rustique type that needs renovation. The aircon is old, makes a lot of noise (* 4 points) It was not worth for what we had pay. It doesn't meet at all our expectations. Ended our day of a refreshing complimentary drinks (watermelon shake) they've offer while waiting to get us water back.

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